Band išče vokalistko / vokalista (Obala)

Discussion in 'Bend te išče / ti iščeš bend' started by Kitaristnaeasy, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. Kitaristnaeasy

    Kitaristnaeasy New Member

    Rock band iz Kopra iscemo vokal. Med 30 in 45 let. Lahko tudi zacetnik/ca brez izkusenj. Samo da se zabavamo.
  2. eno

    eno New Member

    Sem pevec iz Trsta. 40 let star. Govorim same malo slovensko, but I'm trying to improve it. I already have a band ( but would love to join a new one from Slovenia, to learn the language better and have more fun. I'm not much into singing covers, prefer to write new songs. I listen to a couple of Slovenian bands too (Big Foot Mama, whom I've seen live on some occasions, and Zmelkoow) but I don't think I would sound particularly good singing in slovensko. I can try, if needed. Actually, I'd like to. Contact:


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