TriggerSoul - The Wasted Years

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  1. magic

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    The Wasted Years goes by i think i've seen it all
    the sun don't seem to shine no moore
    was it my body or was it my soul to steal
    to give you everything or nothing at all
    you're losing your mind and i think i'm gonna lose mine
    searching for answers that ain't hard to find

    how could you just walk away
    the tough we share been washed away
    the days go by and i'm torn apart
    i've seen it all before
    and i've felt the pain
    when you walk out write that door
    i'll never see your face again
    i'll never see your face again
  2. NoMAD

    NoMAD Administrator Staff Member

    kitica je izmenjava: C Em ...
    refren: Em C G D (3x) ki se izteče v izmenjavo Am in Em ...

    probi še mal sam.

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